fave podcasts

I have a love/hate affair with social media and podcasts. Here are a couple of my favourite podcasts:

the Daily by new york times

what makes this show so good is that it takes one subject and has the benefit of new york times reporters to go into depth of what the issue is, the details surrounding it (ie. both sides of the issues) and gives you a good feeling that you understand the issue in the 20 or so minutes that it lasts for. There’s historical audio from different sources and although it’s a bit left leaning I really appreciate that i understand the issue in at least enough detail to be informed.

this american life

Podcast by NPR with Ira Glass. It’s so so good. it has spun out the Serial podcast. I like how it takes 1 topic and gives about 3 stories (acts) about real life stories that match the topic. it’s entertaining, thought provoking and leaves me wanting more.