Submitted by krisen on Wed, 10/31/2018 - 00:16

Today I faced constant anxiety. i had to call Poonam and Zabin and tell her that I was having an issue. AFter I told my mom about the anxiety i went to the mall and bought some binge food and had a binge and then slept. The binge helped but I felt bad that I missed the call from Jeremy and felt some shame about missing the work at Tim hortons. I wanted to get to a meeting. I did an online meeting and then Darren called and that was fun. Anxiety is horrible, i don't like the effects it has on my body makeup. the numbness, the clenched heart and the headache. I wrote down some things that I was really happy about:

  1. attending a phone meeting and sharing about my binge and anxiety
  2. connecting with Darren on the phone
  3. going to the gym yesterday
  4. doing some meditation today
  5. connecting with isai and having no expectations of her.
  6. seeing the chiropractor
  7. reaching out to rodney about some support with the car
  8. putting up my calendar and my picture frame
  9. sorting out Koodoo today
  10. sending a cheque to Julius and discussing the carpet.
  11. cancelling my work today and putting my selfcare first.
  12. making my bed today