shocking call from T

Submitted by krisen on Fri, 11/16/2018 - 01:16

T called me today. I was quite surprised, he said it was an emergency. He told me that his twin brother M had come out and had also attempted suicide by cutting but was saved by his ex girlfriend. I was quite surprised. He come's from a partriachical born again family. and I didn't quite fit. the father and i get along great and he helped me tremendously at my lowest point. and now his body is letting him down and he feels so dejected. For me it was a vindication that even the most together family has its issues. I always thought that the boys were all straight men and i was told to not influence them or to tell them about it by B the father. And I was very hurt and felt the constant rejection by being in their presence let alone the constant hearing of christian dogma whenever i talked to him. I felt such a vindication, first I'm grateful that M didn't kill himself, but it put better perspective into what i'm going through with my