things I did well today - self care

Submitted by krisen on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 17:42

I went out and get milk and bread and chatted to mom. I brought mom the tim hortons flask.

I filled gas in the car today and I filled antifreeze

I decided to go to work today even though I feel bloated and headache from binge last night

i shared with Joe i felt after my binge last night so it was not a secret anymore. 

I finished the laptop for Cirrus and I was happy with my work. 

i sent aivar a birthday text and I responded to Rod and Derek.

Grateful for listening to lawrie about my food addiction and the solution

grateful for calling the cops and ambulance for the guy that was passed out.

grateful for having a job and doing well at the job. 

grateful for all the learnings i've been doing recently and understanding out the brain works or how my brain is flawed with regards to comfort from food.

grateful for listening to music and having all my senses

grateful for my health and for knowing my limitations around anxiety.

grateful for having a lovely warm place to come to and for having my mom in my life. 

grateful for having the subway and bus

for having the internet and for my phone to connect with others.