recovery today

Submitted by krisen on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 22:42

there was some positive events that happened today that helped me feel more optimistic.

1. i went out to see Erez, and had a good session brainstorming ideas for a podcast.

2. i met up with Rod and drove a car to orangeville and spetn time with Aivar

3. i visited my psychiatrist we started me on some new medication for the anxiety/depression. This kind would hopefully help with the cloudiness that I was feeling. 

i had  a good chat with him about settting boundaries in my friendship? with Dinesh, could it be more, do i want more but I got to be honest about what i want or am capable of giving. the same with my mom. 

i was going to go to an OA meeting but I feel really tired today and I want some good sleep. 

I am irritated with Christian. i just want to block him. i'm very irritated that he's becoming a bully, i get enough of that from work and from life.