a better day

Submitted by krisen on Wed, 01/09/2019 - 00:12

This morning i only got out of bed at 11:45 am . i didn't feel like getting up and i felt depressed. a lack of hope and motivation.  i had binged for the second night in a row. i picked up a can of peanuts from the garbage. continued to watch house episodes. season 5 which gives me a comfortable feeling but it's addictive, i want to watch more and more of it. without regard for sleeping or facing the consequence for waking up late. and then i start to eat and eat more and eat more till i've binged.  i was worried over what my mom might think because I was sleeping in so late and getting used to it. I know it's sad i'm 45 and worried about what my mommy will think. but i'm an addict and i'm not used to living with another person, just suffering by my self. I was looking forward to my appointment for checking out my leg and that really helped. Doctor Hamilton is great, she's cute and youthful and caring i like her alot. she explained to me that something else is wrong with my leg and she will get to the bottom of it. I asked her to pretend she's Dr. House MD and don't stop until she find what's wrong with me, even if she has to request a new MRI. i was very happy about that. after i came home from picking up Rodney, i went to pick up some groceries from No frills and now i'm at my place resting before going to my shift. I'm so glad that I picked up this macbook because I especially love all the pictures that I have.